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Find your career with JPowell & Associates

Helping Clients Realize their Goals and Objectives

At JPA our mission is very simple; successfully recruit the talent required for our clients to realize business goals and objectives.

Our 360º Approach to Recruiting

Our 360º Approach denotes the gathering of all information, development of critical strategies, and implementation of the activities associated with identifying and successfully recruiting the best candidate for a job position.

  1. An interview with hiring manager and/or Human Resources is held to gather information on key job requirements and responsibilities, initial work priorities and success factors, information on the work environment and culture of the organization.
  2. Research on the Client’s industry, markets, and competitors is conducted.
  3. Identification of Candidate pools is conducted.
  4. A Strategic Recruiting Plan is developed that includes activities associated with job marketing; candidate notification; job-related screening and interviewing processes and techniques, and verification of Candidate skills and abilities.
  5. Screening Candidates and conducting first-round interviews.
  6. Conducting in depth interviews with Candidates to ensure possession of job-related skills, experiences, qualifications, tangible and intangible characteristics that are necessary for success in the targeted job position.
  7. Developing and submitting summaries to the Client on each Candidate’s resume/profile that is submitted for review.
  8. Conducting Reference Checks and Background Verifications (if requested by the Client).
  9. If selected by a Client as a finalist, presenting the Job Offer to a Candidate.
  10. Conducting follow-up meetings with Clients and Candidates during the first six months of employment to ensure a successful match has been made.

Our Services

We are a full-service, flexible recruiting company that provides the service that is the most appropriate fit your organization.

Direct Placement & Recruiting

Our extensive candidate database and numerous networks are utilized to identify and successfully recruit the person that can perform the responsibilities of your job position and fit extremely well with your work team, environment, and the culture of your organization.

Contract, Temporary, and Temp-to-Hire Workers

We provide part-time, hourly, and/or temporary employees to work in transient job positions. Our employees work in various areas of Administration, Engineering, Information and Computer Technology, Human Resources, and Marketing. A number of our clients will hire our workers to evaluate for a certain period of time and then offer full-time positions.

Retained Search Project

Typically, our Retained Search services are utilized for the recruitment of Executives and Senior Managers. Recruiting parameters, timeframes, and resources are determined and established by both the client and JPA representative at the beginning of the project.

On-Site Recruiting

JPA will provide a Talent Consultant to work on a client’s premise for a specified period of time. The Talent Consultant provides recruiting services for job positions assigned by the client, and in most cases, will work directly with hiring managers throughout the process.

Sourcing Services

A JPA Talent Consultant will identify qualified Candidates for a job position and provide the Client with names and contact information for Candidates.

Reference Checks and Background Verifications

Upon the request of a client, JPA will conduct and/or oversee the Reference Check and Background Verification processes for each Candidate prior to his/her start date.