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Finding Engineering Talent

JPA Global It is always a challenge to find the right engineering talent for a startup, no matter what stage you are in. Smart engineers always are looking for challenging problems to solve and be part of the next big thing.

1. Sell Your Vision: A smart engineer would always have several options at his hand to pick from. You will need to sell your startup vision and that this is their one chance to join the ship early before the big ride begins.

2. Internetwork: Given the current era of social networks and social coding(github) which generate huge amount of social and skill proof, I would highly recommend to get on the spree of hitting them as much as you can. We have found several referrals from people whom we want to hire but couldn’t and ended hiring the amazing referrals they made.

3. Passion: Even though you find Average engineer (not really sure how you would rate it) but is sold on your startup pitch, is ready to bet on you and has a great passion for building solutions

4. Don’t be cheap: Do not assume that salary range you might offer is the best the engineer is going to get. In many cases engineers might be making more/less in another organization or have other offers on table. Try to explain the compensations of options/equity very clearly so that they understand the future cash value of it, if the startup really works out.

5. Leverage good recruiters: There some great independent recruiters in every city who are always engaged in the highly vibrant startup/engineering community. You probably has to pay a price of 20-30% commission on each placement to them.

Finally, recruitment in startup is not a 1 day job, it is going to be a challenge to be solved everyday all through the lifecycle of the startup.

  • 4 Apr, 2017
  • Jim Powell

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