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Job Seekers

JPowell & Associates partners in your job searchWe help you find your next job or career!

You may be feeling that working with a Talent Consultant at a staffing agency will not be a positive experience. You may also be thinking, “I can find my own job opportunity…alone”. However, you may find that a JPA Talent Specialist may be aware of superb career opportunities with excellent employers that are unknown to you. In addition, working with us could cut your search time for a career-enhancing position by up to 50%…or more.

We have been able to build long-term relationships with our clients and we are usually the first to be informed of career-enhancing job openings.

Here are some other benefits that you will realize from working with us:

A Talent Consultant at JPA…

  • Will provide you with employer information that is critical, however, is not easily attainable or apparent to the general public, i.e., key steps and factors associated with the selection process; uncommunicated, required skillsets; history of past hires; etc.

  • Also serves as your personal representatives and will present you to an employer in a manner that promotes your strengths and the contributions you will make to the organization.

  • Will help you determine if a job position will provide the work experiences that will enhance your career growth and provide the personal satisfaction we all seek in a new opportunity.

  • Will provide unpublished information on a job position and organization that may be critical to your decision if given a job offer.


Please review our job openings and find the one(s) that you feel is the best match your skills, qualifications, and current career desires. You may apply online confidentially. If you do not find a match in our current list of openings, still upload your resume and build your confidential profile. Our Talent Consultants may know of a brand new opportunity that has not been publicized or of an upcoming position that will be an excellent match for you.