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Taking The Stress Out Of Hiring

Tax time is stressful enough, let us help make hiring easier!

Do you know who you are interviewing?
Let us take care of that for you!

By establishing a relationship with a recruiter, you will be meeting with candidates who have been thoroughly screened and qualified by interviewing experts – our Talent Acquisition team! Often, recruiters thoroughly understand the market and can help answer questions on industry trends, salary levels for particular job titles, and which companies to focus on when securing your next great hire. This unique insight is garnered from years of working directly with candidates, companies and their executives.

An experienced recruiter can help you prepare for interviews with the candidates they provide in order to ensure a successful outcome and a better use of your company’s resources. Employers look for candidates who have abilities beyond those listed on the job description and as professional recruiters, we are skilled at asking the tough questions needed to ensure that you, the employer know more about the candidates you will meet BEFORE you meet them, than you would after having spent an hour interviewing a relative stranger. We can make calls to directly recruit candidates from the firms within your industry ensuring that your company’s image and reputation are never marred by “poaching from the competitor”. When your company directly recruits from your competition it can create a negative “buzz” in the community and may even lead to legal action. A recruiter is your agent in securing this talent without harming your name or reputation in your industry.

Lastly, Recruiters are constantly sourcing talent and have therefore created vast networks and pools of candidates allowing us to get your open positions filled much more quickly and efficiently, freeing your team up to do the work they were hired to do. Although an employer may change, a recruiter can remain a constant throughout a job seeker’s career, helping to make strategic career decisions. This sort of dynamic enables recruiters to look for suitable opportunities for candidates, rather than waiting for candidates to contact them.

The Bottom Line…know who you are interviewing BEFORE you interview them by working with a seasoned recruiter like the J Powell & Associates Talent Acquisition Specialists!

  • 8 Mar, 2017
  • NewJPowell
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